About us

‘Happiness is given by happy person’

IKINA is a Korean exclamation which means ‘Wow!’, ‘Surprised!’.
IKINA is aiming happiness. It means we wish all the members of IKINA GAMES and customers to be happy. Therefore, We work happily with enterprising, spontaneous spirit.
We promise that we will step forward for member’s and their family’s and your happy life.


‘Dream your happy life’ 

IKINA’s prime value is ‘HAPPINESS’.
Creating good games for happy life is our ultimate mission.
We focus all of our energy and passion on creating good games to give you a stunning play experience.

‘Stand a chance of success’

We provide a specific vision for every single member.
It is the key to make enjoyable and effective workplace.
IKINA wish to be a great challenge for all members.
On the basis of horizontal network, rational decision making,
provide creative atmosphere to pursue creative visions.